NSCC offers two options for training: basic truck driving certificate and the short-term truck driving certificate. Both programs prepare graduates for a variety of commercial truck driving positions.

The basic certificate program is a shortened version of the eighteen credit hour program. It leads to employment in commercial positions that are less demanding of driver skills. This program is not eligible for federal financial aid.

The short-term certificate program is eighteen credit hours and is eligible for federal financial aid. This program teaches advanced skills in maneuvering, cornering, backing, and parking through a variety of urban and rural environments.

Career Outlook

Employment of truck drivers is strong and expected to remain at a high level in Ohio and throughout the country. The world depends upon the transfer of raw materials and finished goods, with the primary method via truck transportation.

Gainful Employment

Gainful employment information for NSCC’s certificate programs is available online. Gainful employment information includes: estimated cost of the program, average student loan debt and types of jobs available.