Expressive Activity and Harassment

This policy applies to Northwest State Community College students, student groups, faculty, staff and employees.

Ohio Revised Code 3345.0212 requires each public college in Ohio to adopt a policy on harassment that is consistent with and adheres strictly to the definition of harassment in section 3345.0211 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Northwest State Community College believes that the right of expression is as necessary as the right of inquiry and that both must be preserved as essential to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and truth. However, NSCC’s commitment to freedom of expression does not extend to harassment. Under section 3345.0211, harassment is defined as conduct and/or expression that is:

  1. not protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution or Article I of the Ohio Constitution (Unprotected Expression);
  2. unwelcome; and
  3. so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it effectively denies an individual equal access to the individual's education program or activity.

Expression (either in person, in writing or by telecommunication) must meet all three elements to be actionable under this policy. This policy applies to alleged harassment that takes place on Northwest State Community College’s property (owned, leased, or controlled premises), at Northwest State Community College’s sponsored events, and in connection with a Northwest State Community College’s recognized program or activity.


Learners contact Lana Snider:

Employees contact Katy McKelvey: