21 Students Recognized in Phlebotomy/Medical Assisting Ceremony

Students completing Northwest State Community College’s medical assisting associate degree and phlebotomy technician certificate programs were recognized in a special ceremony held for the graduates. Both options lead to entry-level positions in the health care field, and students earning the phlebotomy technician certificate may choose to continue their education for an associate degree in medical assisting.

Janet Koepplinger, allied health department chair at NSCC, honored the family members of students, “who sacrificed along with the students to help them get to this point.” She noted, “Success doesn’t happen unless you want it to,” and applauded students’ personal strength, courage and commitment.

The following graduates were honored for medical assisting:

Defiance County: Ashley Etchen, Brooke Manning
Fulton County: Caitlyn Davis*
Henry County: Bethany Abbott, Angela Keezer
Lenawee (MI) County: Kari Kendall, Ashley Seitz
Paulding County: Karena Egnor, Mackenzie Hanenkratt
Williams County: Amanda Judkins, Angela Rutledge

The following graduates were honored for phlebotomy:

Fulton County: Sandra Arensberg, Tiffany Benson, Caitlyn Davis*, Sierra Harris, Kaysie Kessler
Henry County: Alexis Wulff
Lucas County: Alanna Dargartz
Paulding County: Jodi Carpenter, Rebecca Wilhelm
Williams County: Stephanie Wieland
Wood County: Vanessa Garcia

*Students who were honored for completing both programs.