Newly admitted students are required to attend Student Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) prior to enrolling in classes at Northwest State. SOAR is a comprehensive program, full of information that is intended to enhance your success in college.

If you plan on completing your entire degree or certificate program online, you will have the option to complete the SOAR program online as well. Similarly, students who plan to complete all of their classes at the Van Wert satellite location will be able to schedule their SOAR program on that campus.

How long will it take and when is it available?
SOAR is a one-day, five-hour session that will include general information sessions, hands-on activities and time to meet with an advisor to register for classes. Please plan to be here the entire time. Keep in mind that classes will be filling quickly, so the sooner you attend a SOAR program, the more flexibility you will have when choosing your class schedule. Students with schedule restrictions are encouraged to register for SOAR as early as possible.

Can I bring a guest or parent?
Unfortunately space is limited and we will not be able to accommodate guests, children, spouses or parents during SOAR. If needed, please plan transportation to and from the event.